Offshore jobs

Would you like working on an oil rig, a ship or an international port? Then definitely take a look at the offshore jobs at Actief Techniek! We’re looking for experienced welders, fitters, and mechanics. You’ll be commissioned for jobs both in the Netherlands and abroad. We’ll do our best to provide a long term job for you at a steady company. Are you a professional in welding, fitting, and handling mechanics? Then we recommend you to apply for our offshore jobs. You are also welcome to visit one of our locations in the Netherlands where we will provide you with extra information.

Offshore jobs abroad

If you don’t mind being away from home for an extended period of time, then our offshore jobs abroad should suit you perfectly! The assignments are challenging; you might be working at great heights or in small confinements. Safety is very important; you’ll have to be familiar with the procedures of first aid, firefighting, and helicopter safety. Are you not trained in these fields? No problem. At Actief Techniek, we offer trainings and education in these and other fields for free, so you’ll be fully qualified for our offshore jobs abroad.

Offshore jobs fitter

Are you the professional that knows everything about pipes, from measuring, and assembling pipes to thick-, and thin-walled piping? Then apply for our offshore jobs for a position as a fitter. In this field, we expect you to have extensive knowledge of materials such as C-steel, stainless steel, and Duplex. You’ll be working with pipes used for (transporting) steam, water, air pressure, oil pressure, cooling technology, and heating. No sweat? Then take a look at our offshore jobs as a fitter!

Offshore jobs mechanics

Were you born with technical insight, and looking for a new assignment? Then our offshore jobs for mechanics are the answer! The assignments focus on mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic repairs, maintenance, and overhaul work. You’re able to understand technical drawings and work according to applicable protocols. Are you a pro at finding, analysing, correcting, and preventing malfunctions? Then you are the person we are looking for in our offshore jobs for mechanics!

Offshore jobs welder

Are you an offshore professional looking for a new challenge in your career? Then apply to our offshore jobs as a welder. You’ll be building and connecting metal constructions using Tig, Mig Mag, and Electrode welding techniques. You have no problem changing the options on the welding machine depending on material and wall thickness. Also, you can weld C-steel and stainless steel in different positions; being able to work with Monel or Duplex is a plus. Are you interested? Then take a look at our offshore jobs, being the professional welder you are.