Offshore professional

Are you looking for a new challenge, say, working at an oil rig, a ship or international port? At Actief Techniek we are looking for an offshore professional. Are you a trained fitter, mechanic or welder, and interested in a technical career? Then apply right away! We’ll do our best to offer you a long term job with a steady employer. Also, we offer trainings and education for you, if you would like to grow in your career as an offshore professional. Please contact us!

Offshore professional jobs

At Actief Techniek we offer several interesting offshore professional jobs. This type of work is not for the faint-hearted; you’ll be working simultaneously, next to, above, below, and with other colleagues, sometimes at great heights or in confined spaces. Because you’re working in a remote, and possibly dangerous area, safety is a priority. You’ll need to have knowledge of procedures concerning first aid, firefighting, and helicopter safety. Are you trained in these areas? Then take a look at our offshore professional jobs, and apply!

Offshore professional fitter

Are you an experienced offshore professional fitter looking for a new job? Then take a look at the vacancies at Actief Techniek. In this profession you are able to build, convert, measure, and assemble thick-, and thin-walled pipes. You can work with different materials, such as C-steel, stainless steel, and Duplex. The pipes are used for (transporting) steam, water, air pressure, oil pressure, cooling technology, and heating. Are you interested in an offshore job as a professional fitter? Let us know!